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Reviewed by K. Purchased this chip to my C Intruder. I have to rev a lil more while clutching in city but acceleration is much better, and everyday riding was far rougher with OEM fuel settings. Overall a good way to go for more power. Awesome support! I'll recommend to others. Reviewed by Philbert Z. It's always a pleasure ordering from magnumtuning.

Was talked into and paying a bunch of money for factory KTM tune for my RC but it did not do a thing. This evo chip reflashed my ecu and gave real gains, bike runs much better and throttle response is suprt fine. Reviewed by r.

Reviewed by G. Reviewed by p. I have had my tuner for 5 years in my UTV Worked great until I crushed my machine and bought a new U8. Last time i missed to post a review but now my assesment is dyna boost is probably one of the easiest installs ever with straightforward manual and the whole process took less than 30 minutes.

Adjustment was another 30 minutes and the chip works great. As far as I remember the technical support was magnificent and efficien so I had no reserve at this time. Reviewed by Adalbrecht F. I was truly pleased with both the service and the product from Magnum. Fast shippers, good communication and overall a 5 star ECU tune. Keep up the decent work guys, thank you. BRB to buy your performance plugs. Verry good system!!!

Reviewed by j. I have a stock Softail Fat Boy and had a real dead spot showed up at idle and again around rpm. The techs at the shop I've taken it to for troubleshooting this weird issue told me its the fuel programming, and they directed me to magnumtuning site. I bought EVO-Tech and had a proficient tech wire it up.The RR is an incredibly versatile machine that does anything well except high speed work and track days. Brakes are reasonable and ABS is handy where fitted.

Great round town — and popular with couriers as a result. Charming, simple and torquey or an underpowered antique with an atrocious. Vibey at low revs but with plenty of midrange.

The RR is still up to these feats though. Dealers, official and unofficial are excellent. It also feels like a special motorcycle. Insurance group: 11 of 17 — compare motorcycle insurance quotes now. Considering naked bikes are often pared down to the bare minimum, the BMW RR is quite well equipped.

ABS was on all its motorcycles until when it became an option. From September. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. I bought mine in Sydney NSW in In after a couple of years storage I decided to rebuild her and her back on the road. I'm hooked on her. Only the transmission really stands out as less than ideal.

The rest is pretty much perfect for what it is designed to be an uber-reliable tourer with serious performance capabilities. Great all round bike, fun on twisty roads and can cruise long distances for touring too with the hard bags. Worst feature is the stock seat, I find it uncomfortable in as little as 60 miles.

You hear some luke-warm comments about performance but mine really flies and is super torquey. I've owned it for 6 years now and love it, I've not found anything that's motivated me to change. It does everything I want of it and still has style. I still get asked about it almost every time I stop for fuel, people seem to think it's a new bike with it's still somewhat futuristic look.

I keep thinking I ought to sell this bike, but every time I get close to it, no other bike matches up to this machine's all-round ability. It has impeccable handling, you can brake deep into corners, cursing the wobbly part-timer on the sportsbike in front of you as he slows you down through the turn. It even has a very loud hooter for urging the spotty oiks out of your way.

Given the right kind of camber conditions, you can even hoik the front end up coming out of corners, certainly this happens frequently during spirited roundabout negotiation. A punchy heavy beast, a proper bloke's bike that you can also carry your missus on, not to mention a ton of camping gear. And like the other one, it can most certainly be enjoyed with the missus sat astride it, or if you're more the solo type, then with just a twist of the wrist of course as well A great bike that hardly anyone knows about.

Owned a GS before this but pound for pound this is a better bike if you only ride on road. Doesn't have the kudos of the GS hence they are bargains. Bucket load of torque, brilliant b-road handling, perfect riding position, all day comfort excellent headlight, build quality better than post '99 beemers.

Downsides - not exactly a looker, clunky gearbox, no span adjustment on clutch lever. Very reliable, tours well two-up with luggage.Nothing to pack, or repack, ever. We offer two versions, one quieter than the other Sport or Touring quieter. We cut up a RRT header to show the difference in tubing sizes. The oem 38mm primary tubes are the limit in the system. The large bore 99mm pistons are happier with a larger cross sectional area.

Look at late, very expensive, R series race bikes and you'll see what we mean. They foleyed in other sounds anyway. We built larger pipes for the bike after the movie was made.

BMW R1100rt engine oil change

Dave Fournier built the bike. We got to run from the cops while testing it. Power in 1st and 2nd gear then it died in 3rd, strangled by the exhaust. After we got away, the cops tracked us down after backtracking and, through a process of elimination, found our shop.

Less than amused, they advised us to notify them in the future if we were testing "movie bikes". Slip joint design eliminates cracking from thermal expansion and contraction as well as bike vibration.

Laser cut and machined exhaust ports with machined spigots to keep exhaust flow at a high speed. Oxygen sensor port. When assembling the parts put a light coat of Permatex B silicone in the slip joints or any gasket silicone compound that is compatible with O2 sensors.

In case you are interested, here's the drill for ceramic coating. Bend the parts. Pattern cut the parts. Polish the sub parts.

Tig weld and hand fit the merge collector. Tig weld the assemblies in sub fixtures.Recently we are not experiencing any delays processing and shipping orders. You can check back here anytime for updates or changes in our operations. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and keep you up to date with any changes.

Magnum Tuning Performance parts

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We encourage everyone to do their part in slowing the spread of the virus. Keep your heads up and be strong. While this is the time of great uncertainty, we are confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we will become stronger than ever before. Delivery was quick, free shipping appreciated, a better companion would be welcome by rider fellows as far as I read reviews on the net. Other than that I felt definite upstick in performance and my Thunderbird started to average better.

Technical support was far beyond my expectations after I discovered no phone, skype or chat support of any kind. Reviewed by Man R. Got notable gains down the road, and though I was satisfied with both the chip and their service but they couldn't manage to give succinct direction about hook-up accordingly wiring took longer than expected.

Recommended in all other respects. Reviewed by r. I've had this item mounted on my TR-G for about a month and no problems yet. Should there be update of any kind I'll revise my review.

1997 BMW R1100RT - Thoughts & Concerns?

Reviewed by Jevon W. Got it in sale BF price rise, and so far so good! In my dismay no phone support but they replied even on weekends in a in a wink of an eye. Thx a bunch for free ship!! Chip worked with noticeable but a little less gains than advertized but bear in mind you'd siezed up with wiring if you were not a trained handy man.Toggle Navigation Parts. Search Go. You can edit the name of your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon on the right. Something went wrong.

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Please verify any information in question with a sales representative.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Aftermarket exhaust RRT. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Aftermarket exhaust RRT Hello.

Looking for opinions from those who have changed out stock exhaust. I have an '01 RT and developed a case of exhaust envy when my paramour recently bought an '08 RR with a Remus pipe. It sounds fantastic and has to weigh much less than stock. Performance improvements are claimed Years ago I got a nice clean used low mileage '94 RRS.

bmw r1100rt mods

Nice bike, but the exhaust sound kinda sucked, none or at least wimpy. Gotta deal on a Staintune system. Mounted it, and it looked great. Bike ran like sh Did all the normal stuff, sinked the throttle bodies, mounted the GS intake tubes for mid range. Still ran terrible. Bought a Techlusian fuel air controller.

Followed the mounting instructions. Bike ran great and had a nice sound. I was happy with the result.

bmw r1100rt mods

BMW Motorcycle Magazine routinely compares aftermarket mufflers on its long term test bikes and invariably the greatest hp increase seen is one hp. Sometimes it's minus one and mostly it's nothing.

You buy these things for the noise and I suspect any weight reduction is likely directly proportional to the quality reduction compared to the OE system. Middle of the road: You don't get much back in performance, fuel economy or neighbor friendly reactions. The Bad: You might have fabricate mounts or center stand stops, cost VRS benefit, what do you do with a perfectly good old stuff, will it melt my saddle bags and that neighbor thing can get a little dicey if its real loud.

Its a little hard to track down a decent aftermarket exhaust that will work on a year old BMW twin and some think they are plated in gold so you may want to stick with a good used OEM muffler but try to find a CAT eliminator pipe or have one made, its worth the weight saving and heat reduction for the bike.

Originally Posted by wkuwiz. Originally Posted by 69zeff Originally Posted by happy wanderer. Now there is an upgrade you will never regret, does not make more noise and you can actually feel the performance difference BIG time. Well you know the bike I got. After a couple of years of riding the bike felt like a sagging 2 wheel pogo stick.We apologize if you are trying to navigate to the Cycle World Forums, but as of February 24,we have decided to close them.

bmw r1100rt mods

We would like to thank the thousands of users who participated in this community of motorcyclists. The forums were a lively place for discussion for many years but with the growth of social media, article commenting, and many other ways to connect digitally, we are focusing our resources on these other media. We have upgraded our commenting system on our articles to Spot. IM, making it easier for you to comment and keep up with the discussion on your favorite Cycle World stories.

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